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Sundance 2000
January 24, 2000

"The first movie I saw was about crib death. Next came a documentary about a man who had sexually molested pretty much everybody in his family... Heck, there may have been a couple of suicides in there, too. I can't remember. It's all so hectic... I always wonder what the nice, clean people of Utah think when they swing by the supermarket and overhear a couple of goateed swells chatting in the aisles. "I really liked the crib-death movie." "Yeah, but the pedophilia flick was better..." The films that I've mentioned have absolutely blown me away: "Everything Put Together" (about a young couple coping with the death of their newborn). "Just Melvin" (about a family coping with sexual abuse)... Sundance 2000 has lived up to its annual reputation for fearlessness."
                                                                  -- Jeff Gordinier

Our critics take the festivals highlights...

February 11, 2000

"...As is so often the case at Sundance, the most irresistible drama is likely to be found in documentaries...Just, Melvin is a confessional family portrait of two generations consumed and destroyed by incest. The filmmaker, James Ronald Whitney, is at once victim, reporter, and righteous avenger, doing everything in his power to expose the evils of his grandfather Melvin Just. Just, Melvin is undeniably voyeuristic, yet there's a shattering truth to it. It's a therapy session in hell, and, like the best Sundance movies, it takes you somewhere you never thought you'd go.
-- Owen Gleiberman

February 11, 2000

"...As usual, plenty of Sundance fare posed a hearty challenge to the squeamish... James Ronald Whitney's bold documentary Just, Melvin burrowed into his own family's decades of sexual abuse--in graphic detail. (Amazingly, Whitney promoted the movie while juggling his day job as a Wall Street stockbroker. "If the phone rings, I have to take the call," he explained. "I manage millions and millions of dollars, so it's very important that I maintain the connection while I'm here.")
-- Jeff Gordinier & Chris Nashawaty

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